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Founded: 2016

May 8, 1966 the first abortion law was passed in Mississippi. It was for cases of rape and incest. But no one asked how the mothers and children of rape conception felt about that.


FREEDOM MARCH #LIFEWINS is a project of CHOICES4LIFE to bring awareness and to recognize the love mothers have for their rape conceived children and the value of all life including those conceived in rape.  We are about truth. We are about freedom. We are about LIFE! Mothers and children of rape conception want their voice heard.


CHOICES4LIFE is a unique organization helping women pregnant from rape. Women who decide to keep their baby after such a tragedy have little to no support. CHOICES4LIFE fulfills that need and provides hope for these women during this difficult time. They offer assistance for emotional/trauma counseling, help with medical/health treatment, financial assistance, vocational assistance, safety relocation or transitional housing and much more needs that may arise. There is a great need and CHOICES4LIFE aims to assist each and every girl/woman who has that need.


CHOICES4LIFE is hosting FREEDOM MARCH on Friday May 6th, 2016 at Jackson, MS. State Capital. Fifty years later the actual anniversary date lands on Mother’s Day!

Juda Myers, Founder of CHOICES4LIFE was that rape conceived baby conceived after 8 men raped her mother. Ann, Juda’s mother, left St. Louis where she was raped and went back to her family. It was in Jackson, Mississippi that Ann learned she was pregnant with Juda.  She was greatly pressured by the doctor and her mother to abort in 1956. Ann stood strong and refused, giving birth to Juda on Valentine’s Day 1957.


The goal is to show the world that love wins even after tragedy. These women and their babies deserve dignity and equality. Hundreds of women shared their thoughts saying they all have experienced some sort of abuse for loving their rape conceived baby. It is a misconception that females pregnant after rape are reminded of the rape and will not want that child. Most mothers not only choose to carry their babies but also choose to raise the child. These mothers want to experience the same joy any other mother experiences. They need society to understand their love for their rape conceived baby.


Mothers and children of rape conception will show the world that Love Wins. This March will also be a tool to help in raising funds and resources to protect/support women or girls during pregnancy and in raising children conceived in rape. This March will bring education and awareness to society.


We march for freedom! We march for Love! We march for life!