FREEDOM MARCH #LIFEWINS WHERE: Jackson, Mississippi State Capital/ 400 Mississippi Street WHEN: May 6, 2016 TIMES: 9:30 AM Press Conference (Inside Capital) 12:00PM CST Rally @ Mississippi Southside Capital Steps 2:45PM CST March Around the Capital WHAT: Press Conference/Rally/March WHY: Awareness/Recognition & Fundraising for Rape Conception Women & Children WHO: Open to the public free of charge CONTACT: Juda Myers

Could you ever imagine Mother’s Day becoming a day to destroy an unborn child? That’s exactly what happened May 8, 1966 in Jackson, Ms. It was the first time abortion became legal in the U.S. The justification then is the present day justification-rape. Rape was also used as an excuse for elimination of the mixed race in the racially charged 60s. The lives of the rape conceived have never been respected for their humanity while their mothers have been physically and verbally abused for loving them.

In the history of our planet there’s never been any people group so hated and targeted for death. They’ve been used as the excuse to keep abortion legal and to carry out horrendous crimes against humanity. The time is long overdue to end the hate crimes and rally around the heroic mothers and their rape conceived children. Mothers and children are saying, “Our lives matter and our babies’ lives matter!”

"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Juda Myers, Event Director

Juda Myers, conceived in gang rape and organizer of the Freedom March says, “My mother had to fight for my life and hundreds of mothers I know are fighting. CHOICES4LIFE exists because mothers and children are rejected by society, friends and even family.

FREEDOM MARCH #LIFEWINS, sponsored by CHOICES4LIFE, recognizes 50 years of blatant discrimination against the rape conceived and mothers. Their voices must be heard. This historic event will rally supporters together to end this hate phenomenon and women of rape conception will be celebrated and honored like never before. The Freedom March hopes to also gain resources for use in protecting/supporting females during pregnancy and raising their children conceived in rape.



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